Vane pump T67EDC/T67EDC-062-B35-010-1R00-A1-M1-**Excellent features


T67EDC/T67EDCS series vane pump features:

This type of servo vane pump is mainly designed for high/low pressure hydraulic circuits. The combination of pump cores of different specifications in duplex or triple pumps can meet the working requirements of high pressure (up to 300 bar) with small flow and low pressure with large flow. This is a wise way to optimize circuit design.

This type of hydraulic pump can meet the requirements of very fast pressure change cycles, the output flow can maintain accurate repeatability, and has the following advantages:

●High working pressure: The maximum pressure of small-sized shell pumps can reach 320 bar, which can reduce installation costs. If used at reduced pressure, the working life can be extended;

● High volumetric efficiency: typical value is higher than 94%, which can reduce heat generation and allow speed as low as 600 rpm under full pressure conditions;

●High mechanical efficiency: typical value is higher than 94%, reducing power loss;

● Wide speed range (600 rpm ~ 3600 rpm): Combined with the use of large displacement pump core, a smaller shell can be used to form a larger displacement low noise pump.

●Low speed (600 rpm), low pressure and high viscosity (860 cSt) operating performance: allows operation at low temperature conditions, with low energy consumption and no risk of sticking;

● Small pressure pulsation (±2 bar): reduces pipeline noise and extends the service life of other components in the circuit;

●Strong resistance to solid particle pollution: This is the effect of using double-edged blade technology, and the pump has a long service life;

● Various installation and structural options (pump core displacement, drive shaft type, oil port configuration, etc.): convenient for users to use;

● Pump core assembly concept: reduces maintenance costs by several times;

● Note: Special designs can be provided to optimize the noise characteristics of the pump.

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